Wedding Books


Our customised wedding books are our most prestigious and soughted "signature" inquired product and we believe that there is no better way to store your memories than the hand-made wedding book.

The book is produced in Italy by the world renowned GraphiStudio. Each and every book requires the team of specialist artists and crafts people around 80-100 hours to design, print and bind. The book is based on your own individual design, rather than a pre-configured old template, and the combination of traditional skills and high end technology allows for some really exciting options.
Our wedding books are available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and designs.

Creating your Perfect Wedding Book
After selecting the pictures you would like to include in your book we will then arrange to meet you to establish your stylistic preferences.

This important meeting is where we agree on the "feel" and "pace" of your book, for example whether pages have one or two images or if you require higher density designs such as spectacular double and even treble page spreads, they can all be incorporated. Whatever your choice of style book they are all designed in the same manner, only the pages sizes vary.

You're also sure to love our mini-books - a scaled-down version of your wedding book which make fabulous gifts and are a very handy size to take out and about with you.

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