Our Approach

We love taking pictures, just take a look at our portfolio section. Modern and natural with an emphasis on fun is what we do best. Beautiful lighting and relaxed posing is key, no painted library backdrops or Victorian rocking horses here!

We want your pictures to reflect you and what makes you tick. If football is your family's passion, dress up in your team's strip or if it's mountain biking, bring the bike - parachutists, snakes, rats, mice, cats and dogs, even a 5ft Iguana, they've all been in our studios. Whatever lights your fire - that's what we want to show.

In our state-of-the-art studios in Knebworth we have both black and white studios which enables us get a fantastic range of images. Our white studio is perfect for capturing the moment with bright "high-key" images, whilst the black studio gives us a huge amount of control over lighting, creating highly artistic and emotive photos. Both provide amazing results.

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