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Tips and Advice


This section gives handy hints and tips for both adults and children on what you should expect and what the requirements are if you're thinking about a career in modeling.
Are you interested in modelling?

A career in modeling can offer fantastic opportunities to travel, meet interesting people and earn a good income. But before starting out it is important to be aware that the industry is highly competitive and however good your look, success can only be achieved with dedication, a professional approach and a good agent. Being a model is hard work - a healthy diet, regular exercise and what you wear are all very important but looking good is only half the job. Being professional is a must, turning up on time, having a positive attitude, and getting along with everyone at the casting or job are essential to promote your career.

What are the different types of modelling?

These are the models that walk the runway in fashion shows and appear in fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Most fashion agencies are based in London and fashion models account for an extremely small percentage of the industry.
This is the biggest modelling category and the one most often overlooked and misunderstood by young models. Commercial models appear in ads, packaging, billboards, and magazine articles for everything from medicine to insurance, from work-out equipment to office equipment. Here personality and the ability to show different expressions are equally important as looks. While some are beautiful or handsome - most successful commercial models look like everyday people.
Promotional modelling is how many models actually make a living and ranges from being hired to handing out free samples of products to staffing trade show booths in large convention halls. It rarely involves being photographed and is much more about your personality and ability to interact with people.
Certainly not for everyone - but if you are comfortable with your body, and aged 18 or over, glamour modeling can be exciting, rewarding and a springboard to other opportunities. Like most styles of modeling it is highly competitive and there's more to success than just good looks.
Do I meet the requirements to be a model?

Contrary to the popular myth - there is NO age limit on modelling. Turn on the TV and watch some commercials - pick up a few magazines - there are models of every age range and body type in use today.
Height really is only an issue if you intend to be a fashion model. Girls should be at least 5' 8" for the catwalk. So if you are shorter than 5' 8" - don't waste your time taking lots of fashion pictures for your portfolio - stick with commercial looks. Male fashion models are usually between 6' and 6'2" tall.
If you're a 14 to 21 year old girl, 5'10" or taller, slim and attractive, get in touch. We are always keen to develop our own portfolio with potential fashion & beauty models and we may also be able to offer paid work from time to time.
Fashion models still tend to be very skinny. Commercial modelling doesn't require that you be "skinny" but the key is to take care of yourself. Don't over eat, do eat well balanced meals and avoid the snacks. Do exercise and keep yourself in good shape.
Do I really need a portfolio?

Yes! With the exception of a model attending an actual client casting, a professional portfolio is the only way for a model agency to advertise a model to potential clients other than their attendance at an actual client casting.

Here at PNP, we will ensure that your session is a fun and inspiring experience. Your finished portfolio will help to reassure you that you have what it takes and will give you the confidence to go and find that job.

You don't need to have lots of pictures in your portfolio but they should show you in assorted outfits with different styling and make-up. It is important to have a good selection of pictures that make you look absolutely terrific and sell your personality and ability to do the type of modelling that you are trying to get work from.

A portfolio should be regularly updated so that clients are not hiring you from old pictures which do not reflect your current figure or hairstyle etc. Most agencies require both head and full length shots that clearly show your face and figure.
How do I find a Modelling Agency?

You should sign with as many agencies that specialise in the type of modelling work that you are looking for as you can. There is no one agency that has every job out there.  The SWPP maintains a fairly complete and up to date list of UK agencies:

Child and Baby Modelling

I am interested in my baby or child becoming a model
Every mother thinks their children are the most beautiful but the reality is that it is just as competitive as any other type of modelling.
What makes a model baby/child?
They mustn't be too fat or too thin and most importantly they need to have a happy nature and smile a lot. Some models are chosen for their strength of personality and character. They need to be confident and enjoy being the centre of attention.
What is my role as a mother?
The mother has an important role to play in the aspiring model's career. The very nature of modelling work, means that you need to be flexible enough to cope with inevitable last-minute shoots and auditions. You also need to get to the shoot on time and this requires organisation. Above all you need to find the whole thing fun to help your baby/child stay happy and calm!
Do we need to live near London?
Most agencies prefer their models to be within an hour or so travelling distance from Central London, because shoots and auditions are often held at very short notice. If you live miles away from London, you have to consider all the time and effort required getting to the capital to attend an audition or shoot. Often, the fees for appearing only just cover the travel costs.
How do we get started?
If you think (you and) your child has what it takes to get into modelling, the first thing to do is contact an agency to ask what their requirements are. You will probably be asked to send in one or two photographs by post or email of your child - a good head and shoulders shot and one full-length photo will usually do. The agency will contact you about whether you have been successful and, if so, you will normally be invited to an interview.

This is designed to assess not only the aspiring model's potential but also if your own personal circumstances will enable you and your child to attend auditions and shoots at the last minute. Don't forget that many agencies will take a commission fee from your earnings, normally at invoice stage, so you will have to factor that in too.
What do we need to consider when choosing an agency?
You need to be careful about your choice of agency. Avoid unscrupulous agents that demand astronomical joining fees up front. A well established agency is normally an indication of their reliability. Beware the agent who says they can guarantee that your child will work as no bona fide agent would make such unrealistic promises.

Ensure that the agency publishes a Model Book. If one isn't on display at your interview ask to see a copy. An agency should insist that a chaperon attends every assignment for any model under 18.