Model and Actors Portfolio Photography

Take a look at a selection of the most recent work from one of the

UK's leading portfolio photographers.

Your model portfolio is the most important tool you have as far as getting hired for jobs and becoming a working/paid model. Your portfolio should be a collection of your best photographs. Your portfolio ultimately gives clients a chance to see how you can and do look in different situations, your experience and demonstrates your ability to move in front of a camera.

A standard model portfolio or "model book" should have at least 10 to 16 photos, in good condition. 

However there are a few basic shots that all portfolios should have.

1. Beauty shot

2. Casual shot

3. Fashion look

4. Commercial shot

These shots will not only show your range as a model but will also showcase your knowledge as a model in

how to present yourself professionally.

Always put your best pictures in the front of your model portfolio and be sure to place them on the right side of the portfolio as you have it opened. Leave the left side free for the first few images of your book, generally the BEST,  so there are no distractions. 

Be sure to have a few strong images at the very end as well, which will make sure that the impression you made from start to finish was a positive one.